Leadership Camp Texas

Leadership Camp Texas is a 1-week summer camp to help boys entering 5th - 8th grades to develop into fine, hard-working and courageous men who can be leaders among their peers. Through cabin competitions, night games, Xtreme olympics, and many more LCT activities, the boys have a ton of fun while at the same time growing in manliness and virtue.  The camp's full, well-balanced schedule is designed to motivate the boys to use their talents in order to lead and serve others while developing strong friendships.

LCT will take place from Saturday, June 30 – Friday, July 6, 2018. LCT will take place at Stoney Creek Ranch in Columbus, TX. You can check out Stoney Creek's website to check out the facilities.

If you've benefitted from LCT activities as a camper, counselor or parent, please consider showing your support with an online donation

What are the dates for the camp?
June 30 - July 6, 2018 / Saturday - Friday

What should my son bring? Is there a packing list available?
Yes, here is a link to download the LCT packing list PDF.

Where will LCT 2018 be held?
Stoney Creek Ranch is in New Ulm, TX which is north of Columbus near Houston. For the exact location, see http://www.stoneycreekranch.org

When can I drop off my son at Stoney Creek Ranch?
Any time after 4pm on Saturday, July 6th.

My son has special dietary needs. Can these be accommodated?
Yes. You can contact the Stoney Creek staff directly @ 713.800.7250 to let them know your son’s specific needs. In addition, please list these in the section provided in the application so LCT staff will be aware as well.

My son has a medical condition that requires daily medicine / other stuff. Can this be accommodated?
Yes. If the camper can administer himself, LCT Staff just needs to be altered so they know what’s going on. If the camper needs to see a doctor on regular basis, you’ll need to provide specific instructions along with medicines, etc.

Will there be a bus from Houston to camp this year?
No bus transportation will be provided.

We would like to send our son but cannot afford the full price of the camp. Are scholarships available?
Yes, a small number of scholarships are available. To request a scholarship, contact the LCT Steering Committee at leadershipcamptexas@gmail.com

My son attended LCT in the past and is interested in becoming a Ranger or Counselor. How does he apply for this?
Your son can go to http://www.chaucercenter.net/  and click on the link under High School > LCT Applications

How do I keep in touch with my son while he is at LCT?
Cell phones are not allowed at camp.  You may email him using the LCT Online Community at http://lctonline.ning.com/main/authorization/signIn?target=http%3A%2F%2Flctonline.ning.com%2Fsend-a-message and the email will be printed out and delivered to him within a day of receiving it.  The LCT Online Community is updated each day with the daily newsletter and photos and videos so you can usually find your son there. If you haven’t yet joined the LCT Online Community, you can do so using the link given above.

An online community site is available for all current and former LCT campers, parents, staff, friends and benefactors. This site is a collection of LCT photos, videos and of course the LCT Ledger newsletter.

Request to join the LCT Online Community

If you have a family emergency and need to contact LCT please call the Stoney Creek Ranch at (979) 733-9022